Welcome to Lit Blossom Candles !


Welcome to Lit Blossom Candles !!!

My name is Aaliya Kickett, CEO & the face behind Lit Blossom Candles. I’m 22 years old, a Noongar women from Perth with strong connections to the Wadjuk, Ballardong & Wagyl Kaip tribes.

I have always loved making candles and in 2021 when quarantine first happened , I decided to make candles and diffusers for fun and fell in love instantly!

All my products are hand made in my studio in Perth, WA.

I love making candles, diffusers, and mixing ingredients together to create a beautiful and lasting smell.

My vision is to supply luxury home care products at a affordable price and provide a great customer experience.

Thank you for supporting my business and please contact me if you have any queries.

Aaliya Kickett